Hard copies of the Parish Council Minutes are published on the Parish Council Notice Board in the Village Hall and in Rainworth Library but only after they have been approved by the Parish Council.

In addition the Minutes of Council meetings may
be accessed from the following links after approval by the Parish Council
at the following meeting.

These Minutes are written in Adobe ® Acrobat ® (.pdf) format. If you do not have an Acrobat® Reader it can be downloaded free of charge from the Adobe website

Please note that items discussed in closed session (Private and Confidential) are not included in these published minutes. Please see the Council Meetings page for full details of these restrictions

Please note the council does not meet in either August or December which is why there are no minutes for these months.


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01 (8th January).pdf 32.1 KB12/12/2015 14:09:17
01a (20th January Extraordinary meeting Re Car Park).pdf 7.03 KB12/12/2015 14:09:17
02 (12th February).pdf 17.5 KB12/12/2015 14:09:17
03 (12th March).pdf 17.4 KB12/12/2015 14:09:17
04 (9th April).pdf 14.8 KB12/12/2015 14:09:17
04a (Extraordinary meeting 16th April - Warsop Lane Development).pdf 9.09 KB12/12/2015 14:09:17
05 (11th June).pdf 164 KB12/12/2015 14:09:17
06 (9th July).pdf 86.0 KB12/12/2015 14:09:17
07 (10th September).pdf 163 KB12/12/2015 14:09:17
08 (8th October).pdf 105 KB12/12/2015 14:57:03
09 (12th November).pdf 164 KB20/01/2016 06:11:08
Annual Parish Assembly 15th May.pdf 9.43 KB12/12/2015 14:09:17


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